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Reception time wording?

What time should we put on our reception cards? Our wedding is at 3:30 so after everyone exits the church, it will be around 4:30. Given guests will take about 30 min to drive to the reception and park (making the first guest arrive as early as 5 and doors to the reception open at 5), what should we write on the invites? 
5:00   when the doors open
5:30    because the WP will be arriving around 5:45 with dinner at 6:15ish

The bar is open as soon as the doors to the reception open (5 pm) but we are not exactly having a "cocktail hour" just drinks will be available all evening 

Also, our reception is located on the top floor of building that has several bars and restaurants in it, so guests can mingle around there as well.

Thanks for any advice!

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Re: Reception time wording?

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    I would put when the doors open at 5:00.  You don't need to specify when dinner will be served or when the B&G will arrive.  Guests know that at most weddings there is a cocktail hour before dinner.

    ETA:  Also, if you put the later time, guests may not realize that they can go directly to the reception venue from the ceremony and may think that they have a gap to fill.
  • Yes, I agree just put the time when the doors open. But I don't think you should actually write "doors open."

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  • I would do 5.

     Our reception card was worded:

    The celebration continues
    with cocktails, dinner, and dancing at seven o'clock

    City, State

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