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Hi guys,

So while we're meeting with wedding planners, we're also starting to look at venues.  I am leaning towards picking a venue prior to picking a wedding planner, because a few of the venues we're looking at offer on-site wedding planners.  

Because we're planning on a date in early March, some of the venues we're looking at are a bit cheaper than they are in the spring and fall.  I really don't want to do a hotel ballroom.  I have a lot of friends who've never been to Pittsburgh coming into town, so I really want a venue that offers something different than the average hotel ballroom.  I would absolutely love any input on the few I've listed below.  We're going to look at venues other than these, but this is our current short list: 

The Grand Hall at the Priory
Carnegie Music Hall Foyer
Soldiers & Sailors
Twentieth Century Club

If anyone can give me an idea of how the service is, the budget, etc., I would really, really appreciate it. 

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    The Carnegie is the most gorgeous place ever!
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    It's not one you listed, but we had our reception on the Gateway Clipper and LOVED it! 98% of our guests were from OOT and it was a great way to show them the city. Everyone had a great time and the service was amazing. Just something else you might want to consider.


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    I booked the Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer for my wedding on May 28, 2011and I'M IN LOVE with it!! The Carnegie provides an on-site planner (Eileen) who is absolutely wonderful! They take care of everything from cocktails to cake and everything in between. The only vendors I had to find on my own were the DJ/Band, Florist, Photographers and Video person (but Eileen gives suggestions on all of these). If you have alot of OOT guests (as I do too), I definitely suggest the Carnegie - it is unique and amazingly beautiful!!

     The only think I will tell you is there is a seperate "space rental" fee in addition to  the per person dinner fee - I was fine with the space rental fee b/c the foyer is breathtaking and you get an on-site planner so I didn't have to spend extra on a wedding planner. Below is a link to the pricing menu and what you get with the package (note that the space rental fee is additional and the space rental rates are found in the first link)! GL!!
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    the priory and the lemont were our 2 final choices to decide from. the priory was going to cost us about 75-90pp. when it came down to it, i felt that the venue was a bit "cold" (not temperature wise), and didn't like it's location in the northside. the fact that they pay police officers to watch over the parking lot and the guests walking to and from their cars and venue didn't make me feel any better. it is pretty inside though.

    the lemont has turned out to be much cheaper and more elegant and cozier (just our opinions though). i wanted to be able to provide our guests with an opportunity to enjoy the city, and ultimately we felt that this was the best way with the views and location.

    the rives club was another place that we considered.

    good luck!
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    Thanks!  I will make an appointment to look at the Le Mont, as well as a few others.
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