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help! sent out invites with wrong ceremony address on it!!!

I was super excited to send out our DIY invites which I have poured my heart and soul into for the last couple of weeks. Sent them out thursday night and people started to receive them saturday. Then found out from someone who got their invite that the address for the ceremony and the reception (At the same place) is wrong on the invitation.

Instead of 790 n. van buren st. I have 7900 n. van buren I have an extra 0 :(

Now I dont know what to do. Do I call everyone and tell them to cross out the extra 0 and they will be fine?? Do I mail out postcards to everyone with the correct address? ? and If I do that, how do I word that I messed up on the address???.

I can't believe it happened, I swore it was correct....I just feel like i messed up the most important detail of wedding prep, that now everyone will feel like this wedding won't be all special anymore :(

Please help me with what to do!!!
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