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Does the RSVP date need to fall on a Friday?

OK, I swore I read this somewhere, that your RSVP date should be on a Friday. I can't remember why or where i saw it, but does anyone know of this? My wedding is on a Saturday, and I was just backing it out to a prior Saturday for my RSVP date. Can't seem to find this anywhere online so far!

June 19, 2010
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Re: Does the RSVP date need to fall on a Friday?

  • My RSVP date is one month before my wedding - which falls on a Wednesday.  I could be wrong on this, but I think it's better to make it a date that stands out in your guests' minds rather than a random friday.
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  • When does your caterer need the final headcount?  That should determine your RSVP date, because you'll need to give yourself extra time (about a week or so) to track down people who didn't RSVP.  It think setting the RSVP date as a week before your wedding might be cutting it a bit close, since you can't really start calling people until the RSVP date has passed.
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    I've never heard it need to fall on a certain day of the week.  Can't see why it would matter since you can get mail 6 days a week?

    We needed our numbers 1 week out, we added a week to track down any missing ones.

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  • I know when the RSVP date would be about (I just made it 4 weeks out from June 19 - May 22). But then I was second guessing myself, thinking it had to fall on a Friday (May 21). LIke I said, I don't remember where I heard that, but I just wanted to see if that was something other people knew about!
    June 19, 2010
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  • Nope.  Day of the week doesn't matter.
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  • I made my RSVP date three weeks before the wedding, which falls on a Saturday. I hope that's right, because I already printed the RSVP cards!
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