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Flower Alternatives

So i am contemplating not using flowers at my wedding, except the bouquets only. So i was wondering if anyone had any ideas that i could use for decorations instead of flowers? We are, however, using peacocks/ feathers as the theme for everything (hairpieces, cake, centerpieces, an such). I feel like flowers are rather over used at weddings, and my fiance is not a big fan of them either.  So if you have any suggestionsfor like down the aisleor anything at all  i would appreciate it!!!! thanks!!!

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    As cheesy and over used as it may be, flowers are kind of essential. If you're having a church ceremony, it's usually suggested that you adorn the church with at least two floral arrangements-but if not! I think you could go with peacock feather arrangements, maybe some candles-glass jars filled with those glass like stones-something to that effect. I'm not really too creative when it comes to decor, but that's a start!
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    Instead of flowers, you could do:

    Green plants

    Candles, all shapes and sizes


    The peacock feathers you mentioned, maybe just a few long ones in a tall skinny vase, maybe add a few dried plumes or long grasses.

    Branches, either with blooms or berries, or with crystals hanging off of them.  For a fall wedding, you could just do some colorful fall leaves/branches.


    Individual decorated cakes. 

    Fruit. A clear cylinder vase of lemons, limes, clementine oranges, cranberries, etc... or a bowl of mixed fruits.

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    Flowers aren't remotely essential.  Neither are aisle decorations, for that matter.  You could just do an arch as a background for the ceremony, or perhaps a couple of arrangements of peacock feathers and branches.  You don't need to spend a ton of time decorating the ceremony space; since most of the time is spent at the reception, that's where you should sink your decor budget.
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    thanks!!! i never even thought of branchs or lanterns, i really like these ideas.  i don't understand though why its suggested to have flower arrangements, the budget not really being a factor my FH and I just prefer to not have them, however is there some etiquette or something i don't know about :-p  I really appreciate the ideas! i've already started looking for some cute lanterns, but any other ideas would be appreciate as well!!! thanks again!!
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    I'm also opting out of using flowers to decorate...mostly to cut costs.  I think I'll be doing floating candles with something at the bottom...that's still to be determined! The only flowers that will be present are the bridemaids & my bouquettes.

    I don't believe there is any sort of etiquette involving flowers.  I've been to plenty of weddings without flowers...I think it's your own personal choice!
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    I remember candles.  Otherwise I hardly notice the centerpieces.

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    Our reception/celebration is going to be a little on the informal side.  Our wedding will be a destination wedding at the beach and we are carrying that theme to the reception as well.  Our centerpieces will roughly be square aqua napkins with a glass vessel of some sort.  Sand in the bottom w/ sea shells atop that.  We are purchasing blue glass pieces that represent sea glass to go around the vessel.

    We are also putting together about a dozen photo albums to float around the room with pictures of our relationship as it grew. 

    At one time we had also thought of doing just pictures in various frames (chabby chic - not matching)  different sea scapes as center pieces on the aqua colored napkins w/ the shells and glass pieces scattered. 

    I like candles, but think floating candles have been way over done. JMO
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