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DIY Invites - pocketed envelopes???

I want to DIY my own invitations, but I also want those really snazzy envelopes with several pockets for the different cards. I'm torn! Anyone know if I can just buy the envelopes or how to DIY those?

Thank you!


Re: DIY Invites - pocketed envelopes???

  • Do you mean pocketfolds? You can buy them premade at or is a bit cheaper, but they have limited color options. 

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  • I am DIY our invites with a pocketfold... I purchased the paper at a local paper store, which had the die cuts for the pocketfold. I saved about $80 cutting them myself. Its really easy as you just line the paper up to the cut out and roll it through the cutter. This is something you can look into - or ask your local board if you have a place like this in your area.

    I have heard good things about both the websites listed previously. I know that ordering a sample is often advised because colors on computers vary greatly!

    Here is a picture of our mock up.

  • I am doing my own invites.  I purchased the pocket folds at a store called paper zone (they were about $1.30 each) and then I purchased my paper at my local michaels when it was on sale.  You can google pockfold and many come up.

    They look so beautiful once they are done!  Good luck!
  • I made my own pockets, The info is in my bio.

  • I too made my own pocketfolds with 12'*12' paper from the craftstore.

    You save more that way, but you can also try A lot of knotties seem to get their pocketfolds from them.
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