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Wording Help *Updated-more input welcome**

Okay so I basically have the invites ready except for the wording. It will be formal-all at the same location, ceremony at 4 & reception at 5:30 (coctail hour in between).

 Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

**Updated *Changed font & wording(I've removed last names & addresses)
I've taken in to consideration removing the poem-making it short & sweet-removing parents names. Does the "hope you will join" & "dinner & dancing to follow" take away from the formal aspect? I read on another website that the dinner and dancing is still formal, but I personally think the hope you will join is cute.

Crystal Anne Lorraine
Justin Lee

Hope that you will join in their wedding celebration on
Saturday, October twenty-ninth, two thousand and eleven at four o’clock in the afternoon

Ceremony will be held at Somerset Reception Center
(Address)City, OH

Dinner and dancing to follow

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