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Error on my invites :(

Okay so I decided to do my own invites to save money and our wedding is pretty informal.  I came up with the wording, proof read it, had others proof read and then went to Office Max to print.  When I got there I noticed that all of the puncutation was missing from the invites.  I asked what had happened and the girl working there said she had to re-type the invite for it to fit the paper size I needed better. So I read it, re-read it, fixed and they re-printed them for free.  Okay so everything fine, right?  Wrong!!! I took them home and me and my family and bridesmaid had a big day of hand stamping every invite and hole punching and assembeling(spelling wrong?) every invite by hand.  It took hours!  No one noticed anything wrong with them at this time and this was a month ago.  Last night my fiance and I were stuffing the envelopes and placing stamps on them so I can them out in the mail this week.  I suddenly noticed that there was one more typo.  The "a" in August was not capitalized!  I am so stressed as to whether I should go back, re-print all 250 invites and re-assemble by hand or to just let it go... Most of my friends have said just to let it go and that most people wont even notice.  But I am just really upset that I spent all the time perfecting them and now there is an error.  I checked my proof that I made before I brought to Office Max and it definatly wasnt there before.  Can I just get a vote on how many people would just let them go out or not.  I need to send soon seeing as the wedding is in August and I decided against save the dates.
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Re: Error on my invites :(

  • You're really early to send invitations now.  Invitations shouldn't be sent until Mid-June and even that's really early.

    And I'd get them reprinted.  It sucks that you missed the detail and I'd be kicking myself too but for a wedding invitation, you really want things to be right.
  • The only reason I am sending them out so early is because in order to invite co-workers we need to know how many family members are attending first and then in July we are going to send another round of invites to co-workers.  We both have extremely large families and alot of friends but we still would like to have co-workers attend but we cant go over our 250 limit so that is why there is a rush.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:cd062f89-8272-496a-b0ab-225e1f87acecDiscussion:52ca97a4-69ba-44f8-ab33-225580125b5cPost:df91113b-9ffa-410d-a17f-f0823fc94781">Re: Error on my invites :(</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Error on my invites :( : Some people will be making their plans that far in advance.  That doesn't mean everybody can.  There's a reason for the standard invitation timeline.
    Posted by quotequeen[/QUOTE]

    The "standard invitation timeline" is a suggestions not the law. People who cant reply that early can hold their RSVP card until they find out what thier plans are.
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  • Sorry there are 250 guests so about 100 or so invites, and Ive made up my mind, I am sending them out, I have had about 10 people look at them and not one person caught the mistake.  And everyone has said to send them out and move on, so I am moving on...

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  • Well, the standard invitation timeline is also standard because it works.  If people get their invitations that early, they're probably going to figure out that you're doing a B-list and think some not very nice things about you.  Plus, you'll have a much harder time tracking down RSVPs, because people will hold onto the RSVP card and then completely forget to send it.
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  • let it go,

    It's not like it said 22nd of June when it was 22nd of July!! :)

    Noone is going to nit pick a wedding invite

    unless you send one to my father, then you will get an email advising you on correct punctuation, but i guess you are not sending him one :)
  • Well there is a B co-workers, I hate that it has to be this way but what can I do, invite none or try to invite as many as I can after family and friends RSVP, I dont plan on hounding people if they dont send them back it would just be nice to know how much wiggle room I have to invite co-workers.  If I ever had to redo this I think I would just say screw it and go to vegas with my man and not plan a second of it!  Note to planning is not a career option for me!  I never knew how much ettiquette is really involved in planning a wedding and alot of it is contradicting, I feel like my head is spinning listening to everyone's opinions and advice, that is why I just now decided that I am just sending the invites out, I cant spend another sleepless night about an uncapitalized letter!  Thanks to everyone who has helped realize how crazy I have been getting upset about a letter!  I actually got into a fight with my fiance last night about it and did not get a wink of shut eye!  I now know that I should really just be focusing on the most important thing here, the fact that I am marrying my best friend in less than four months.  IThanks for reading my ranting but I do feel better now!  I also have an apology to make to my fiance for being a crazy, I think I will make him a nice dinner tonight to go along with that apology :)
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  • Good I'm happy you feel better about it and no need to sweat the small stuff.
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  • don't worry about the lower case A. I doubt anyone will notice!
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  • My RSVP return envelopes came printed with my middle name in place of my last name.

    I sent them anyway.

    I have stressed over so many stupid little things that aren't worth stressing about. I was tired. Nobody has called to say I'm going to etiquette hell.

    I think a lower case A will be fine. You're probably the only person who will notice. Get some sleep.
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