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Is this the best way to address these??

So I am trying to get my Save the Date's finished and came across some issues with address wording. The biggest one is in regards to one of the GM. He is being invitied (with a plus one). His mother and her new husband are also going to be invited. The GM lives with his mom and her new hubby. The mom did not change her name when she got married, so they are not Mr and Mrs X. So I guess I want to make sure I do the invitations correctly. I am planning on sending two invites to their address (one for the mom and husband and one for the GM). His will be addressed to GM and guest and the other will be addressed to moms full name and husbands full name.  Is that the best way to do it? Or am I forgetting something/doing something wrong? 

Re: Is this the best way to address these??

  • You're doing it correctly A word of advice though. You shouldn't put and guest on a save the date in case you have to make cuts later.  Just address it to the main person invited.
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  • Sounds about right to me for GM's mom and her husband. For the GM I don't think I'd do John Doe & Guest since it's only a save the date and not the formal invitation.
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  • You've got it right. Personally, I WOULD address the STD to him and guest since he will want to know if he can bring a guest or not. Seems to me that's pretty important info.
  • Thank you! I just wanted to make sure I was doing it the right way!
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