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how many extra invitations?

I am torn on how many extra invitations to order. With our whole guest list of 203 people, we are at 123 invitations. 

We have a required minimum of 175, so I think we will be right on target taking into account the no's. Most of the invites are family, so we have a pretty good idea of who will be coming. Our venue is quite costly, so we are shooting to be as close to the 175 minimum as possible.

I am not sure about a secondary invite list, we have a few of his fire buddies that could be invited. I also just started a new job and I am unsure about inviting co-workers. It is a fairly small office and everyone lives about 2 hours away from where the reception is (I have an awful commute). 

With the inivtations I am looking at, I am limited to a quatity of 125 or 150. I know that 125 is cutting it close, but 150 gives us a ton extra and also jacks up the price a lot. 

I'd love some advice on how to handle this. Thanks!! 

Re: how many extra invitations?

  • Order 150.  If you order 125 and need to send three extra invitations, then you are screwed.  Thre are always last minute invitations.  It will be much less costly to order extras now, than to re-order 25 at a later time.  Also be sure to order extra envelopes in case some are messed up while addressing.
  • I believe the rule of thumb is to order 10% extra, so that would be about 140.  If your vendor forces orders in increments of 150 (some do), then that is what you need to order. 
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