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Wedding announcements?

Hi ladies! So my FI and I are getting married in May in Guam where he is stationed. His family us HUGE and obviously will not all be able to afford to make it. Some will but it's about a 50 guest wedding right now. His mom told us "be sure we do wedding announcements!". Umm...what goes on those? I'm just going to pay for these because we did DIY invitations and it's not worth the amount of work for the price tag I think. I got a quote at around $300 for 150 announcements with envelopes from a local vendor but she asked what wording I want. She says she hasn't done this before but has done invitations, programs, etc. So a few questions I guess. 1. Is this normal? Won't they find out through word of mouth? 2. What the heck goes on them? 3. Who all gets one? Do the guests who attended the wedding get one too? Thanks!
Edited to add! The quote includes 50 wedding programs...which I may start another discussion on if google doesn't start spitting out better images! ;D

Re: Wedding announcements?

  • Honestly, unless you have a 10 person wedding, I personally think these should be skipped. To me, it comes off like yay, I got married but I didn't invite you. I think when people didn't have social media and instant connection to people it was probably needed, but now, I would skip it.

  • Wedding announcements are simple announcements sent immediately after the wedding to those who were not invited to the wedding.  They are usually done when someone has a smaller wedding and isn't able to invite all family members or friends. They are just sent to people who were not invited, not those who were invited but unable to come, so this may cut down on the number you need.  They are also available on several internet sites, and I think you may be able to find better prices than you were quoted.  You will see some that include the couple's photo, but these should really be avoided unless you can get a photo in a couple of days, because announcements are usually sent right after the wedding.

    CMGr will probably come on and have a bit better advice with wording, but usually they are something very simple like this:

    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schmo
    were united in marriage 
    on the eighth of May
    two thousand thirteen
    in City, Guam

  • gypsylynn2005gypsylynn2005 member
    edited March 2013
    Wow that is way cheaper and easier! I guess I am just used to island prices for things lol. This sounds really simple, glad I asked. Thank you very much for the helpful answers! Sunshine, I hope it doesn't come off as gift grabby, that is not my intention at all.

    EDIT: read too fast and jumbled info. Sunshine, I know that's not what you said, sorry! I do see your point but I think I am going to do them to keep his fam happy and since it does seem to be normal. :) Thanks so much again ladies! 
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