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Ok, this might be a little nitpicky, but where do you suggest I add the wedding website? I don't want to do another insert, because I really like the way my invites look with the 3 inserts. Here is a picture of a mock up.. really blurry.. the inserts are Directions, Reception and Response. TIA!

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Re: Adding Wedding Website

  • I wouldn't honestly.  I would either put them on your STD's or just spread it by word of mouth.
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    Our wedding website includes directions and a map, so I'm planning to put ours at the bottom of our directions insert:

    "Or visit our wedding website at "
  • Fallingsnow- that is a great idea! I also realized I didn't put any info about hotel accomodations... hmm maybe I should change the directions card to accommodations and put "For directions to the church and reception hall, please visit xxx"?

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    Personally, I would do it the other way around.  Everyone is going to need directions, not everyone will need accomodation information. 

    Maybe have the last line read:
    For detailed directions and accomodation information, please visit our website at
  • Very true. Thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate it!

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  • I put it under the map on the directions card.  I don't have registry info on my website so I don't have any worries about it looking gift grabby.  But honestly... the accommodations card works too.
  • I'm having a "special instructions" card in my invites.  Getting married on a military base so I need certain info from my guests so they can get on base.  I'll probably put the website on that card b/c it has more info about base access on it.
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  • I think it sounds great to put it at the bottom of the directions card and mention that more information can be found there!
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    I would do an accommodations card with the address and put the directions on the website.  How many people actually remember to bring the directions to the church?  Also so many people have GPS and will put the address in before they leave.  If you want you can print directions out and have them at the church just in case someone needs them the day of. 

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