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How to word response card with plated dinner

How is the best way to have my guests let me know what they would like to eat at the reception? We are having a plated dinner with 3 different options. I need to know exactly who will be eating what so that I can mark it on their name cards and the caterers will know who gets chicken, steak, or pasta.. Here is what I have so far, is this acceptable?

The favor of a reply is requested on or beforeApril 3
__ accepts         __ regrets Reception immediately following ceremonyEntrée selections:(1)Mediterranean Chicken, (2)Potato Cnocchi, or(3)New York Strip Steak (name) selects _________(name) selects________

Re: How to word response card with plated dinner

  • Please check my bio.  Our RSVP cards need to accomplish the same thing.  You can find screenshots and templates under "Templates" and one mockup photo under Paper.
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    I need to do the same thing as well.  Here is what I'm probably going to do:

    The favor of a reply is requested before July 31, 2010
    Please indicate each guest’s entrée selection
                          Chicken Chardonnay:                          
                          Pecan Salmon:                          
                          Vegetarian Ravioli:
    Children’s meal for those under the age of 12
  • That was awesome!!!! So helpful....exactly what we needed. Thanks
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