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Plus-ones on the STD?

We are getting ready to send out our save the date postcards (YAY!!!) and I am wondering what you ladies think about addressing them...

For those friends in relationships, we are addressing the STDs to both people.  A lot of friends are not even dating anyone, but we intend to invite them with a plus-one.  Should we address the postcard to Mr. Friend and Guest? 

I'm leaning toward just addressing it to the friend and then including the "and Guest" on the invite.


Re: Plus-ones on the STD?

  • I did exactly what you said! Just the actual guest's name on the invite!
  • It really depends. If someone is coming from out of town, they'll probably want to know if they need to make travel arrangements for a guest.

    But if you aren't 100% sure you CAN invite them with a guest, don't put it on the STD.

    I did, but I only sent STDs to OOT guests.
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  • I would not do +1...but if you want to let them know they can bring a guest, put guest.  I would do my best to talk to those guests before invitation time and get a guests name to include on the invite, it will be a small way of making that guest feel included and welcome.  Then you will also have the name for escort card/seating charts...or anything else that might come up.
  • I'm doing +1 on the STD because people need to know as soon as possible how many to make travel arrangements for (my wedding is overseas.) So it depends on your situation.
  • thanks, ladies!
  • I did for OOT guests, but not single friends who lived closer and knew a lot of people at the wedding, for STDs. It turned out we were able to extend it to everyone, but I figured someone driving for an hour didn't need to know 8 months out, but someone flying or driving 5+ hours might want to know right away to make plans.

    Learn from my mistakes-- write down somewhere who you invited with a guest and who you didn't! Seems obvious, but I made judgement calls as I was addressing and never wrote it down. Since everyone got an 'and guest' it ended up not mattering, but stupid mistake.
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