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Wording for deceased parent of the groom

My fiance's father passed away in December and we would like to recognize both him and my (living) FMIL on our invitations.  I'm afraid that saying, "Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe So-and-So" makes it sound like both of his parents are deceased but that "Son of the late Mr. Joe So-and-So and Mrs. Jane So-an-So" seems rather long and makes it seem like they are not together.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to word this or has this been an issue for anyone?  I also want to say that my FH definitely wants his parents mentioned on the invitation, so omitting them isn't an option!


Re: Wording for deceased parent of the groom

  • I would leave off the deceased parent.  Honor him in the program or some other way, but dead people do not belong on invitations.  If you insist on doing it, it would be "son of Mrs. Jane whatever and the late Mr. Joe whatever."
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  • Ditto QQ.
  • You could say

    Your FI's Name
    son of
    Mrs. Joe So and So and the late Mr. Joe So and So

    That way it won't sound like they are both deceased.
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