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Wax Seals?

Hi Guys,

I posted this in the DIY section, but thought I'd post in here too to get some more input :)

I’m hoping to get some input on wax seals for our Invitations. We are making pocketfold invites from scratch, and my fiancé thought it would be nice to use wax seals to close them. He originally suggested using my family’s coat of arms as the seal as a nice way to honor my grandmother since she recently passed and I inherited all of our family information and geneology that she had compiled over the years. She and I were very close (she pretty much raised me) and we’d love to honor her memory in some little ways like this.

But then we thought of using his family’s last initial, since it would be more symbolic of us as a unit since I’m taking his last name but I know you’re not really supposed to use your married name until after you’re actually married. So now we’re torn and don’t know what we should use for the seal.

Fiance hasn’t really had an opinion on much of anything wedding related and I’d really like to use his wax seal idea, we’re just not sure which direction to go with this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Also, we are planning on putting the actual pocketfolds (that will have the seal on them) in an envelope before mailing so that the seal doesn't chip off or anything.


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