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Need opinions!

So the invitation thing is stressing me out! I want something that sort of "goes" with the wedding style and you know, sets the tone for the wedding since that is the first thing people will see. Well we're having an outdoor wedding that I have themed part "rustic" and part "shabby chic". . The wedding is November 6. I fell in love with this invitation because we are having lots of mason jars at the wedding. Hanging from trees and drinking glasses etc and also because it comes in a dark purple color that I happen to be using. I thought this one was IT and I was ecstatic to have found something that seemed to "fit". But now after getting the sample and looking at it, I am wondering if the fireflies are too indicative of summer to use for this late fall wedding. I need help and opinions. If you got this invite for a fall wedding would you think it was out of season?

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    Cute!  Personally, I don't think it does remind me of summer, but I haven't ever lived anywhere that has fireflies, so I don't associate them with much but night time.  Hopefully someone who grew up with them will be able to answer that for you.  Good Luck!!
  • I love it! It looks great and I think will definately set the tone for your wedding.
    I dont think it has a 'summery' look to it at all.  Good luck...
  • Love it! The coloring keeps it from looking summery. I think it is lovely! Go with it!
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  • I think it is adorable!!!!!  I don't think it is Summery.  I love that invite!  Too cute!
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    I love this invitation!!!  The fireflies would be adorable any time of year.
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  • Oh thank you so much!! I guess I just needed reassurance. Everything else I see always seems too formal and we're simple country folk haha I appreciate the help.
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