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Printing invitations at a copy place....

Hey ladies-
I had my invitations designed and need to get them printed and cut.  How did you do it?  How was your file saved and how did you have them printed multiple per page?
I have files ready in PDF and Jpeg but not I go about doing it.
And I already have the cardstock I especially ordered.
I'd love to hear how you did yours...
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Re: Printing invitations at a copy place....

  • kinkos, here its called fex-ed office, can use pdf. just bring them a thumb drive or memory card with the file. they will do all the work putting multiples on a page for you.

    they should give you a discount for bringing your own paper.

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  • I emailed a pdf to a local print shop. They were able to arrange the inserts so the 4 inserts fit on one page and there were 2 invites per page. We also supplied our own paper. Call around and get quotes.
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  • I just brought mine into Staples because it was the most convenient. I had everything already laid out with the max number per page (2 invites per page, 4 RSVPs per page). I also had very light gray lines showing where to cut, although I thing those corner crop marks would have been better.

    I brought my own paper in and did not get a discount for using my own, but I would guess a local copy shop would be better about that.

    Also, I designed mine in PowerPoint and brought it in as a PPT file, they did not need the PDF.
  • I took the paper and pdf files to OfficeMax.  They printed, and I took them home to cut.
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