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Throwing in the Towel.....

Ok. So I love scrapbooking  and card making and for some crazy reason I decided I wanted to make my own invitations. And I dont mean the fancycomputer graphic stuff some of you fabulous girls generate on a program bc I have no clue where I would start on that ... Its a miracle I can even manage this website :-D

That being said I have decided to handmake my Thank You notes after the stress of my wedding is over and I have more time to concentrate on them.  Soooo, do you girls have any idea on where I can order invites from? Below is a pic of my style inspiration. Thanks! You girls are the best!
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Re: Throwing in the Towel.....

  • In fact, those are Salty's invites.

    If you're just looking for thank you notes, I'd try etsy.
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