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I got married in Vegas on 3/24/10 and am about to do my thank you notes. Nothing about our wedding was very traditional, so I wonder...would sending thank yous out as postcard be unclassy? The photo below is so postcardy that it is hard to resist!

Re: Wedding Thank You Postcard

  • I'd go with something different.  Right now, you need to get the TY notes moving asap AND IMO, you need more space for writing than you  have w/ the postcard.

    BUT, why not put that photo in the card?
  • We're using postcards as our Thank You cards, though they're not photos of us. I think they're really fun and to be honest there's plenty of room on the back to say what you want to say.

    This is them, names blanked out for privacy.

  • It depends on your crowd, but I would be offended if I went to a wedding and bought a gift and I got a postcard thank you.  To me it seems kind of cheap and informal, and I want to be sure to thank my guests properly.  I think including a copy of the picture would be a better way to go.
  • I think it is okay since you said your wedding was a little untraditional as long as you write a proper thank you on  the back.

    I one time got a picture of the couple with Nothing written on it.  That is the only time I have been offended.  Had they written a note on the back I would have been fine with it.
  • Could you mount it on a folded blank card? It'd give you more room to write and you won't have to worry about the photo getting damaged in the mail.

    But I'm not really of a fan of postcards that aren't of the "wish you were here" variety.

  • I think that is an amazing picture! and it is postcard-y. But to avoid it getting damaged in the mail- maybe put it in an envelope, and write on the back of the picture. I think it's a great personal touch though. Just make sure the thank you note is sincere. 
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  • You should really write 4-5 sentences for a TY. If you can fit it on a postcard, fine.
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  • I run an independent invitation business and I understand the importance of saving cost while still delivering something special! In this case for thank you notes you should really go for folded cards. Your guests went out of there way to purchase a gift, so at least give them a surprise to open. Response cards are a good way to implement a post card for savings. Great pic by the way!
  • I LOVE that picture and think its perfect for a post card thank you. FYI Costco does Post card thank you's for you with whatever picture you would like for super cheap. 14.99 for 50 and 5.99 for every 25 after that.

    You can also write on the back of the photo post card to personalize it.
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