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First of all, I'm getting married in England where all my family and friends are. But I work in the US (I'm a teacher.) I got engaged on the last day of school in June and I haven't seen any of my coworkers since then. I know that when I return in August, many of them will be curious about the wedding and some may expect invitations.
I was originally thinking I wouldn't invite anyone from work. But when I think about it, there are certain teachers who I work very closely with and we share a lot of our personal lives too, and I think they would be hurt not to be asked. If I start inviting some, not others, it becomes messy.
My question is, do you think it would be appropriate to post a save-the-date in the teachers' room and give everybody an open invitation that way? I'm pretty sure not many people would make the trip to England, but that way everyone would feel invited. If we did that, what would happen when we come to writing actual invitations? And what if, by some chance, more people decide to accept than we can accommodate? Help!

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  • The key to your question is the concern that more people might come than you can accommodate. Never invite more than you can accommodate or pay for. It's only going to get you in trouble later. I would say that posting the save-the-date in the work room is probably not the best idea. Invite the ones you wouldn't mind coming and just understand that most of them probably won't attend because of the distance. If you do individual save-the-dates then you will need to do individual invites.

  • I personnally see the save the date or invite posted at the office for everyone as a way of saying " I DON'T want you at my wedding but I feel like I'm obligated to ask you so I will be completely impersonal about it in the hopes that you get the hint".  Especially if I know the person hates some of the co-workers and wouldn't want them there in a million years. 

    And the other thing is that if you give someone a save the date, manners dictate that you invite them so if you post the save the date like that you have to assume that every single employee at the school saw it so then they all need an invite. 
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  • Open invitations are not a good idea. If you want to invite them send out individual invitations.
  • I don't think I'd travel out of the country for the wedding of a coworker, unless we were really close friends.  Anyone who's close enough that you think they'd still travel for your wedding even if you didn't work there should get a separate invitation at home.  If anyone else asks, "Well, it's out of the country, and we're trying to keep the guest list down."  Then change the subject.  It helps to limit wedding talk at work as much as possible.

    Sorry, but your current plan is asking for trouble.
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  • Thanks everyone, your feedback has helped me decide I will probably not invite anyone from work. It's much easier that way.
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