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Michaels invitation problem, help.

Hello ladies,
This is the way the template on my michael invite look like. Isnt there a rule that says they are not tsupposed to be capitalized?  Please let me know, i was getting ready to print.

The gwananji/nana   FAMILYand The fonkoua/ndingue family request the  honor of your company at the marriage of their children                  Sandra FonkouaAndAndre Kemayou                                                       ONSunday, the fourth of julyAt half past four in  the afternoonthe westin alexandria400 courthouse squarealexandria, virginia

Re: Michaels invitation problem, help.

  • I havent heard of such rule :-) I think you are safe.
  • What do you mean not capitalized? If you're capitalizing, just do proper nouns. Do not capitalize "on" or "at."

    Some people opt to do all caps, all lowercase, etc. It's a style thing.

    From your post:

    The Gwanjanji-Nana Family

    and the Fonkoua-Ndingue Family

    request the  honor of your company at the marriage of their children

    Sandra Fonkoua and Andre Kemayou

    Sunday, the fourth of July

    at half after four o’clock in the afternoon

    add: Two thousand and ten

    the westin alexandria

    400 Courthouse Square

    Alexandria, Virginia


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