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Invitations - Blue and canary (light yellow)

I had to change my wedding colors after David's Bridal discontinued one of my colors.  I switch to David's Horizon Blue and canary or ligth yellow.  I am having trouble deciding on invitations.  The invitations I had picked based on original colors probably won't coordiante with the new colors.   Any ideas?

Re: Invitations - Blue and canary (light yellow)

  • If your original colors were similar I don't think you have anything to worry about, no one's going to be holding them up to your attendants' dresses or anything :-)

    But if you made a drastic change (i.e. red and pink to blue and yellow or even aqua blue to navy blue) it might keep things more coordinated if you use the same colors on your invitations.

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  • Those are my colors too :) Based on the blue and yellow, we're doing a starry night theme and I'm hoping to either make or find invitations in a dark blue with little yellow stars.  I agree with Megan though...only worry about it if your colors are drastically different.  The dark blue I want for the invitations isn't the same as the horizon the girls' dresses will be but nobody will remember that :)
  • Thanks for the info.  We opted for a more traditional invitation.  It's ivory (which is the color of my dress) with royal blue font.  The were the least expensive yet elegent invitaitons we found.  Total was under $300 for 125 of eadh, invites, response cards, thank yous, etc.    Best wishes to both of you.
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