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Help with wording for the time on invitation

I am trying to get my wording for the invitations done this weekend. I'm stuck on how to write that my ceremony that starts at 4:30, what do you think?:

at half past four in the afternoon
at four thirty in the afternoon

I've been reading things that say both so any help would appreciated!

Re: Help with wording for the time on invitation

  • I like "at half past four o'clock in the afternoon".  This is what we did on our invitations, as I think it sounds a bit more formal than "four thirty".  From reading these boards, I've also heard many people say that it is most correct to use "at half after four o'clock in the afternoon".  Also, "in the afternoon" is optional.  It is perfectly fine to include it, but you don't have to.
  • Thanks, I like half after much better, I didn't see it anywhere though. Thank you!
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