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How to specify 'no heels' in an invitation?

Our wedding is going to take place outside at a local rustic country ranch and Im afraid of someone twisting an ankle....How do I speficy 'flat shoes highly recommended' in a fun yet direct way on the invitation? 

Re: How to specify 'no heels' in an invitation?

  • It would be weird to read on an invite.  If you are going to include it, I would include it in an insert somewhere, or on your wedding website if you have one.  Word of mouth is also good to get the point across.
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  • I'd include it on your wedding website.

    However, will the main area where guests will be most of the time be even?  If that isn't the case then I think you need to re-think the plans.  Adult guests will twist their ankles regardless of the type of shoe they're wearing.  DH and i just went to a home Saturday where the backyard was very uneven and there were parts I didn't like walking on in flats.   It was a picnic and fine but for a wedding reception, I would not have liked it at all.
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    I would put something on the invitation about "outdoor reception".  In addition to not wearing heels, people will want to dress for the elements.  

    Then I would spread it by word of mouth and put it on my website.  
  • Most people should be wise enough that when they see that your event is at "Rustic Country Ranch" they will know they might be walking around outside and can wear shoes they feel are appropriate.  If someone has trouble with her impractical spikey heels she can deal with it or take them off, and she's the one who will look foolish!

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  • Our reception is at a park.  I put the website on our directions cards, and put some basic information on the website that said "the ceremony and reception will be on grass. Heels are not recommended" or something like that.

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