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How do I word the invitation to make it clear that my cocktail-style dinner reception is more than just cocktails and appetizers? I want to make sure people know they will be well-fed, but in a more informal/party-type atmosphere? We are getting married with just immediate family in a destination wedding a week before, so this is just a celebration for everyone when we return.

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    BRIDE and GROOM invite you to celebrate their recent marriage at a dinner reception, [fill in details.]

    Done! :)

    Edited to add: my cocktail-style dinner reception was a month ago, just outside of Baltimore. :) We didn't have a plated meal or table assignments, etc.

    So in order to avoid any confusion we made sure to spread the word well in advance, we put this on our wedding website (with the full menu), on the insert with our invites, and something shorter but similar on the programs:

    A Note About the Reception
    Y'all know us -- we are social creatures! So rather than spend The Best Party of Our Lives with all our friends and loved ones in one place but assigned to seats at tables, we're opting for a cocktail-style "stations party" so we can maximize the mingling, noshing, drinking and dancing, and spend more time hanging out with the people we care about.

    What does that mean? Instead of assigned seats and a plated meal, there will be LOTS of food served at stations all around the ballroom and adjoining rooms. When the time comes, grab a plate, grab some food, and spend time hanging with old friends and meeting new ones!

  • Just call it a reception. It doesn't matter what kind of food there is - if there's enough food for dinner, rather than a "cocktail" reception with just drinks and snacks, call it a reception.
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  • If it's enough food to constitute a meal (15-20 pieces per person) you don't need to indicate anything special on the invitation.  Just the standard Reception immediately following will do the trick.
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