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vistaprint question

So I made our save the dates at 3 pm today and I got an automatic discounted price. I thought I might need to make a few more changes so I got on 2 hours later, and the price was back to the original already.  Is this normal? Should I just keep checking back until the postcards are "discounted" again?  I know I can find coupons online, but I'd like to have the discount and the coupon together. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Re: vistaprint question

  • Did you arrive at VistaPrint via the same link both times?  I've found that going there via an email link or a website link will give a different discount than typing the address into my browser.
  • This happened to me with address labels, and information cards I created.  If you dont order right away you will lose the the discount.  Do you know how much the discount was originally?  I chatted online with someone at Vistaprint and explained to them what happened, gave them my order #, and they applied the original discount for me.  Try that.
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