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Informal invitation wording

Hi (mostly) ladies,

My parents are paying for half of the wedding and would not like "together with their parents" because they want people to know that they're paying (cue eye roll, but whatever). It is not a formal wedding, however, and because my FI and I (and his parents) are also paying, I want to avoid the usual "[Parents names] invite you to the wedding of their daughter blah blah blah...". (We will also be omitting "Who gives away this woman..." line from the ceremony.) My parents also do not want to receive the RSVPs.

So, my mom suggested using the line "together with..." but with their names. Writing it out now, though, it looks terribly wordy. Any tips on how to make this flow more nicely would be appreciated!

Together with
Jane and John Doe
and Mary and Mark Smith,

[My first and last name]
[FI's first and last name)

request the pleasure of your company
at the celebration of their marriage

Saturday, the seventh of September
two thousand thirteen
at five o'clock in the afternoon


Dinner and dancing to follow

My mom would prefer to have just the parents' first names listed, but that seems... odd. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Informal invitation wording

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    Been there. Our folks wanted to be listed by name, despite minimal monetary contributions. DH's parents are also divorced, and I had a different last name than my parents. It was wordy, but it made everyone happy. At the end of the day, whatever! lqtm.

    Here's what we did:

    Sarah Christine Smith
    Mark Peter Jones

    Together with their parents
    Jane and Steve Bridesparents
    Sue Groomsmom
    Elizabeth and Michael Groomsdad

    Request the pleasure of your company...blah blah...
  • I would do Mr and Mrs to make it less wordy. And then go from their. I would say mr and mrs and mr and mrs request you company at the wedding of you to him
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