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Printing addresses on envelopes...

for STDs?  I know it's a no-no for invites, but what about STDs?
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Re: Printing addresses on envelopes...

  • I don't care who says it's a no-no. I'm doing it for both STDs and my invitations. If anyone is that offended by a printed envelope, they don't need to come. I think it's out dated to think you can't print envelopes. I went to 7 weddings last year, almost all the envelopes were printed and not hand written. My FI and I both write like 5 year olds - which is more embarrassing to me that a printed envelope.
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  • Yeah printed is fine for STD's.

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  • I'm printing for both. I'm not killing my hand to write addresses on an envelope that will be just thrown away and spending money on a calligrapher is an added expense I do not need.

    STDs and Invites are fine in my book to have printed.

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  • I "love" people" who say the ONLY acceptable way to do things is...

    I checked into a nice font to print my envelopes, but my wedding planner told me about a lady here in Tampa who has digitized calligraphy for $.50 an envelope.  Her work is actual ink dipped calligraphy that has been digitized for the computer.  It looks like the real thing and she had my order finished the next day.

    If one of my guests is offended by how the envelope is addressed (with the exception of labels),they don't need to come to my wedding.  Now what do I really think?
  • screw hand addressing them.  FI and I did that for some of our STD and they CAME BACK.  Yup no one could read his writing.  This time around I am having the envelopes printed by the stationer.  Who cares as long as its legible and correctly spelled?  No one remembers the envelope anyway.
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  • The "rule" is that personal mail should be hand-written (not just hand-addressed).  Even Miss Manners herself says that engraved (far fancier than printed) invitations are inferior to hand-written invitations.  I'm sure that those posters criticizing you had their invitations printed--for exactly the same reasons you want to have your addresses printed.  To distinguish between the two is hypocritical.

    Enjoy your wedding.  :)
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