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My fiancee and I are working on our guest list and need to cut it down a little bit.  We both have large families, but want our friends to be able to attend as well.  If all of our family friends and friends were able to bring a guest (and did so), we would have 350 people attend.  Yikes!  We need to keep it around 200-225 people.  Is there a polite way to tell our (single) friends that they can't bring a guest?

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    If they are truly single, then just address the invitation to the friend and don't put + guest. 

    For anyone that is in a relationship, no matter the length or perceived seriousness, they must both be invited (or both not invited).
  • On the invitation, you can write "1 seat is reserved for you".
  • You don't have to tell them that they can't bring a guest (you never want to say who is NOT invited). Just make sure the envelope addresses only them, and be mindful of how they RSVP. If they try to add in a guest, make a phone call and let them know that they cannot bring a guest. However, I'd leave a little wiggle room in your numbers because if someone gets a significant other before invitations go out, you should really accommodate that person. 
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