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Best Pen on Metallic Envelopes

We have both silver (going to address in black) and sapphire blue (going to address in silver) metallic envelopes.  I'm going to purchase a few different types of pens to test out, but I trully have no idea where to start - other than black and silver sharpies.  Any other suggestions?

Re: Best Pen on Metallic Envelopes

  • The ink CAN smear easily, but it's really not all that awful - you'd need to be able to lay out each invitation (not stacked) over night to let the ink fully dry. Just let it dry longer than you think it needs, basically.

    I'd use a sharpie pen. 

  • I had metallic envelopes too and ran them through the laser jet printer. PPs are right; the ink doesn't dry. After a ton of googling and posting on this and the DIY board, I found what works: let them dry overnight without touching each other, then give a light spray of "acrylic finishing gloss", which is a spray I got at Michaels for $4.99. Worked like a charm.
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    I also used a metallic envelope. I brought a sample to a local art store (an actual art supply store, not a craft store) and the staff helped me pick out the perfect marker. We ended up with a quick-drying acrylic marker. We tested around a dozen in the process, but we got to test them for free in the store rather than purchasing samples.

    Good luck!
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    My envelopes weren't metallic per se, but were similar. I bought several gold pens from Michael's to test out. The best choices were a Sharpie oil paint pen and surprisingly a Uniball gold pen. Just get a few to try out and see which works best after allowing drying time. Some will smear more than others. The Uniball pen wrote the best and smeared very little. All of them required drying time laid out on the table. As pp said don't stack them on top of each other right away. It was kind of a pain finding the right pen and letting them dry, but the final result looked so nice it was worth the hassle.
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