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Postage for International RSVP response cards

Hi Everyone,

We have many international guests for our wedding here in Chicago and we're wondering what is the ettiquette about providing postage for the RSVP cards?

Or do those guests simply have to pay for the postage themselves since US stamps may not work in their country?

If it helps, we have guests we're inviting from the Philippines, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and China.


Re: Postage for International RSVP response cards

  • I would go ask at the post office. It may not be possible for you to purchase return postage for those invites. If you can't don't worry about it. As a guest, if I were abroad, I wouldn't have a problem attaching my own postage (or give it second thought). You could also consider putting a little note in there inviting them to RSVP online or via phone (if not too many).

    Keep in mind if any of the addresses are APO/FPO (military) they can use American postage. It goes through the US system.

    Also, I'm sure you are aware, international post can take longer than anticipated. I would send them early, and when you receive a response, email or call to let them know. When I lived in Germany, it was not unusual for my packages (delivered by DHL) to arrive up to a week before letters sent on the same day (via Luftpost).
  • The USPS should have international postage you can buy from them.

    Also, you can include a note letting people know they may reply through phone or email. Then you don't need to worry about having to wait for their RSVP.
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  • I didn't put postage on my international guests RSVPs.  They were postcards, so they just included them in with a letter to me.
  • I found out what I could do:

    So apparently there is an International Reply Coupon which you can purchase from USPS for $2.10 which is basically a voucher that someone from another country can use to send an RSVP reply. Thank goodness I only need to send 10 or so international invites!

    Thanks everyone for your feedback =)
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