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Online Invitations? Worth it?

Has anyone used a site called I stumbled on it today but I'm looking for some feed back. It's only $99 and all of the RSVPs, food and table management are done on site. There's also video that you can add to your NO and YES RSVPs. It looks cool but I'm hoping to get some info from someone who has used it. I can't find a review anywhere! HELP!

Re: Online Invitations? Worth it?

  • I've never heard of them and I searched their website and could not find a telephone number to talk to a real person.  This would make me very nervous.

    Also, with paper invitations or magnets, guest can put them on their refrigerator or somewhere they can easily find them.  I'd worry that people would lose the email.
  • Update*

    I emailed them. They are a new company. LIterally just started! But... I signed up did my invitation and the RSVP management part of it is really cool! You don't have to pay until you send your emails out. I'm not worried about having an actual invitation. People can print it out from the website they assured me.  Besides I already have save the dates and I'm on a serious budget. I'm also very unorganized and this really seems to simplify it.  And the video part seems really cool too! I'm going to get really creative with my videos. It's $99 so I'm going to give it a shot. I'll report back.
  • I don't really like online invitations, but prefer Paperless Post to these.  Also I don't think it costs nearly as much.
  • You don't think the video option is cool?
  • I'm going to give it a shot. Besides, it's cheaper and it's eco friendly!
  • Ok I checked out Paperless Post. I don't think I like their designs at all. I think these on Paper Free look much more realistic. Thanks though!
  • What about people who may familar or comfortable using a computer, like grandma?
  • Well it's like what if you invite someone but they don't drive or can't? They find a way. My grandparents are internet savy. My grooms greandparents aren't so his parents will show them. The invite isn't as important to me. I think they are nice so we'll see how it goes. Besides I'm looking for someone who has already used a site like this and I found another forum with some pretty good reviews. Thanks anyways ladies!
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    It's your wedding.  It deserves a better invitation than an email.

    I've received lots of invitations through Paperless Post, and I must say, I really dislike it.  It's very cumbersome, and takes too much time to open the envelope, take out the invitation, etc.  It's just a bad imitation of a real invitation.
  • eh... it's just an invite. The real prize is my groom, I guess for me it's more about the marraige than the wedding. I didn't realize I would get such passionate responses. Besides, this site is new and includes cool videos to go along with it. It's what you make of it and I think its cool. . I was looking for someone who had used this particular site. I wasn't looking for negative Nacy comments about how it won't be good enough. Thanks but no thanks. I will go else where maybe where some of you (not all) aren't so rude!
  • I have some friends who did a very cute video invite and I loved it! It was perfect for them and made sense! They got married very quickly, they were only engaged for 3 months, so they didn't have time to do fancy paper invites. I say, if you want to do it! Go for it! It'll save you a lot of money! Haha! :)
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  • Thanks Snowdaisy! Finally someone with a positive attitude. Thanks!
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