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Average cost of wedding invitations

I am looking for wedding invites and I have about 75-100 invites to order and my budget is $500. Is this a good budget? Too high? Too low? I would like to know the average cost of wedding invites out there. Thank you!!

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    $500 seems fine.  I think it all depends on your budget and what type of invitation you are looking for.  We spent about $250 for 100 formal invitations (no fancy pockets or anything though). 
  • It really depends what type of invites you are looking for as there can be a big difference. I think we spent about $200 for panel pocket invites, inserts, envelopes, and stamps for ~80 invites. Also they were partially DIY and would have cost more to have them assembled and glued.
  • I think that budget sounds just fine depending on the style you would like.  The formality of the invitation usually dictates the formality of the event, so keep that in mind when selecting invitations.  We spent about $400 on 115 invitations.  They are a more formal style on nice paper, but we didn't do pockets or anything.  That $400 includes the invitation, information card, RSVP card and envelope, and return address printing on the envelope.
  • I got my invitations from DB. I spent $280 on 125 invites, RSVP cards, reception cards, envelopes, inner envelopes and return address printing.
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    I spent $500 for 100 thermography invitation sets.  $500 is a good starting point, but cost is going to vary based on the product used.
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  • That's about in the ballpark for what I spent for fancy pocket invitations from
  • I spent 280 on invites printed with thermograph, rsvp cards and envelopes preprinted with the return address. That was for 125 invites.
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    We're looking at around $1800 for 200 thermography invitations, lined envelopes (inner and outer), reception cards, rsvp cards with preprinted return addresses, accommodation cards, thank yous with preprinted return addresses, and postage (some of which is international).  My best advice: don't forget to calculate postage.  We estimate that ours is going to be about $350.

    $500 is a perfectly fine estimate for no-frills invitations that are standard printing or DIY.  But if you want thermography, engraved, or letterpress invitations you need to budget more.  Paper was very important to me, so that's why we budgetted so much for that.  It's the thing that we're going to be saving in our scrapbook, and it's something that the ladies in our family and circle of friends notice and save as well.  I would advise taking some time to browse different website and see what you can find that you like before you settle on a budget.
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    Oh as a point of comparison: I only spent about $250 on my dress because I honestly didn't care that much about it - I bought the 4th dress I tried on and was done.  So budgets are things that you can adjust according to your priorities.  A lot of people don't prioritize invitations, but we do.  That's entirely up to you.
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  • My daughter just spent $950 on 25 invitations.  She is having a small wedding but, going all out on the quality in all the arrangements.....
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