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Where to list the reception???

We are having our wedding at our church and the reception will follow immediately at a near by location.  It is about 1 mile from the church.  Is it ok to just list "reception to follow" at the bottom of the invitation?  We were planning on having some sort of directions to the reception with the wedding program.

We are doing a tri-fold invitation with our engagement photos on them.  We could include reception information on the back side of the invite.

Re: Where to list the reception???

  • I would recommend puting some info about the reception so guests know before they get to the wedding. it could be as simple as

    reception to follow at LOCATION


  • We put reception to follow and then the name of the place. We also included directions and a map inside of the invites. We also mentioned the name of the reception in the programs in case anyone had forgotten between the time when the invites went out and the wedding day.
  • I'd list the actual location.
  • List the actual location.  Some guests may be running late and miss the ceremony and go right to the reception.  If you don't tell them the reception location in advance, they won't know where to go if they miss the ceremony.  Also, guests will want to know where the reception is going to be so they can plan accordingly.
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