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How many invites to purchase?

I was having this debate with a friend of mine last night about how many invitations to purchase for my wedding next November.  I want to purchase 25, because I'm only inviting 50 people (I'll be having a destination wedding and I'd be shocked if 50 people showed up).  I told her the reason behind only having 25 invites is you are asking people per-couple, not per-person.  She said I should buy 50 invites because I'm inviting 50 people.  I'm not sure which is correct, but I don't want to upset anyone by not sending them an invitation.

Re: How many invites to purchase?

  • It depends on how you are able to order them. Even if you are inviting 25 couples, I will still order extras. What if you screw up on a few or when you are addressing the envelope? Always have a few extras on hand.
  • You're right that you only need to send one invitation per couple (since they are a social unit).  You can also send one invitation per family (as long as the kids are under 18).  Send individual invitations to each child that is 18 or over, even if they are still living with their parents.

    Like MissySue said, order extras.  You want to order more in case you make a mistake on envelopes or one accidentally gets ripped or something.  Also it might be nice to have an extra one for yourself as a keepsake.
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  • Definitely order extra!  Usually you have to order in lots of 10 or 25 so just round up.  You'll be happy to have some for a scrap book or if you make a mistake with an address.  Also, if you are trying to save a few dollars, see if you can order extra envelopes separately since that's where errors would occur. 
  • Agreed with pp's.

    You should order as many invites as you have households + guests over 18 living at their parents (since they get their own invite).  In addition to that, I'd order 10 extra for possible mistakes.
  • The guest list manager on TK shows you how many invites you need.  
    The Knot --> My Knot --> Guest List Manager --> Wedding Guest List --> Event Summary

    My summary shows that I have 153 invited, it breaks it down by FI Family, FI friends, Bride Family, Bride Friends (I set that up), and it also shows # of invitations needed -- right now my list says I need 84 invites.  I'll order 100 to be safe, and probably some extra envelopes in case I get trigger happy on my penmanship.  We have a few names on the list that we may end up cutting anyway, so I don't think realistically we will have over 150 there.  (I included WP and us on the list so we have a headcount for all of our vendors that is easy for me to keep track of).

    If you're getting something printed, I've always found it is better to order MORE than what you need rather than exactly what you think you'll need... there is bound to be one that the printer decided to eat, or you have an accident while addressing invites, etc.  Plus, any extra invites can go in your scrapbook, photo album, or a 2-sided frame for the invitation on one side and the wedding portrait on the left side (makes a great gift for MOB and MOG). 
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  • i woudl defintiely get extras.  my mom and my MIL wanted a few extras, and i had one framed (was bummed no one gave us this as a gift!).  also, we defitneily screwed up on a few envelopes, but mine came with extra envelopes (i bought high end invites from a stationer).

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    I made my entire guest list and then physically counted out how many I would need (families, singles, etc.).  I ordered 10 extra on top of that and I think I had literally one left to keep for myself.
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