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We're both changing our last name, wording on ivite HELP!

I’m posting this in several different boards trying to get people’s opinions, so I’m sorry if you see this more than once!

Since we first started dating my fiancé has wanted to change his last name to take his mother’s maiden name.  I’ve always been on board with this idea but he’s always putting it off for various reason-he was finishing up college, applying for new jobs, or just started a new job.  They’re all pretty valid reasons to put it off for an extra few months, but now that we’re getting married in six months it has to happen soon!  But he wants to wait until after we’ve married so that we can do it together.  I have to admit I do like the idea of us both changing our names together at the same time, symbolizing starting a new family together.

But then I’m worried about invitations and people potentially getting us monogrammed gifts with the wrong monogram.  Should we use John Smith (old name) on invites or John Jones (new name) on invites even if his name will still legally be Smith-but to attempt to avoid confusion from extended family and old friends who don’t know that we’re both going to be changing our names.  Or should I just make him change it now, he doesn’t want to and I feel bad forcing him to.  Or am I making this more confusing and difficult than it needs to be?

Advice please!  Thank you! :)

Re: We're both changing our last name, wording on ivite HELP!

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    He should change his name first.  It's going to take a while because it's not a simple name change.  Also he needs his new name for the marriage license or else they woun't grant you the name change due to marriage if the last names don't match.
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  • Thanks! I'm starting think that I should just make him change his last name early.  I've got to look into this a little more, it is a bit more complicated than I had realised!!
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