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Mailing wax seals

The design I've dreamed up for my wedding invites involves a small wax seal, which would be inside another envelope. Has anyone used them? I plan to put one together and mail it to my mother a thousand miles away to see how it holds up in the mail, but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience to share..

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Re: Mailing wax seals

  • The old formula is very stiff and will crack in the mail. This wax was traditionally used on hand-delivered mail (no machines). If the seal was cracked, the recipient could assume the letter had been opened and read.

    The newer kind is softer -- like hot glue -- and meant for mailing. The sticks are smallish and not inexpensive. However, you CAN use hot glue -- you just let it set a bit longer before pressing the seal into it. Use oil on the seal so it will pull out from the glue with ease. I used a basic cooking oil. I poured it onto a paper towel and wiped my seal through it. Just enough to grease it lightly.

    I've done hot glue seals before -- just squeeze out a bit onto a sheet of foil, press the oiled seal into it and let it cool. Repeat as needed.

    For color, spray paint the entire batch or use acrylic craft paint (more color choices). Peel off the glue seals when dry and glue them to your envelopes.

    I'd still send a test.

  • Interesting idea, using hot glue.. I may try that, thanks!
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