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Cards & Pockets - Metallic Envelopes

Hi All,

I'm going to be having my invites ordered & printed through Cards & Pockets.  I'm going to have calligraphy done and I wanted to know if anyone ever tried writing on the metallic envelopes?  I emailed C&P, they said you have to sample test the metallic envelopes, but only some pens work.  Anyone have any issues/experience with it? I figure I can bring a sampe to the calligrapher and have her test it out...

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Re: Cards & Pockets - Metallic Envelopes

  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I used the silver metalic envelopes.  We did addresses with a typical ball point pen without issues.  

    I haven't actually touched a calligraphy pen since the 80s (my grandma used to do it), but I sort of remember that they are thicker, almost like a highlighter.  I really doubt you'd be able to use them on these envelopes without smudges and smearing.  
  • We are using the bronze metallic envelopes and are using a silver metallic pen on them. If you aren't careful sometimes they do smudge.

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  • mwiederholdmwiederhold member
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    I used the Quartz Metallic - had niece calligraphy the seating cards w/ calligraphy pens, you have to set them aside to dry after writing on them.

    Envelopes however, are different b/c they're obv more exposed - I would test it out by writing on it and mail it to yourself.
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  • My envelopes and paper were not metallic, but our caligrapher couldn't print on our invitation cardstock. The ink bled and looked terrible. She had no problems with our envelopes though. So I think doing a test run to make sure is a great idea. I would have saved myself alot of money had I done that.

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  • I printed my addresses at home on my Crystal metallic envelopes from C&P without problems, however I used a stamp that I ordered off Etsy for the return address and I did have to let it sit for a second or it would smudge!
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  • Thanks!! I'm going to buy samples of the envelopes and have the calligrapher test it out.  Better to be safe than sorry!
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