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Too Soon?

Our wedding is a little under 4 months away. I have a pretty busy semester ahead of me (GRE, graduation, grad school applications, and planning our wedding). If I know what I want our programs to look like and the order of things to go, is it too soon to go ahead and get our programs done within the next month or would it be a better idea to wait a little longer? Any suggestions or advice would be great!
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Re: Too Soon?

  • As long as you're confident that things like your WP, music & musicians, readings, etc won't change; then I'd go for it.
  • I'd wait. Even though you have most of your decisions made, you might find you make some last-minute changes. Or maybe go ahead and create the file, input the text, but just don't print till later.
  • Thanks! I may go ahead and start on part of the invitations (we're layering paper and adding ribbon--pretty simple) but wait to glue the actual program onto the layered base until closer to the wedding just in case. Thanks for your input!
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  • Sounds like you've already solved this, but I was also going to suggest working on the outer portion of the program, and adding the pages or layering pieces with information closer to the date. Get as much done as you can now - maybe just get all the supplies purchased and ready to go so when you have a break you can get them finished :)
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