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Double Aisle?!

So the church we're getting married in has a double aisle - pews on the left, then an aisle next to them, pews in the center, aisle to the right of that, and pews on the right.  So I'm guessing that I walk up the left and down the right at the end.  Has anyone else had this setup?  I'm kind of sad about the no center aisle thing, but imagine I will get over it.

Re: Double Aisle?!

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    I would do exactly as you said.  It won't be a big deal.  Just make sure that the photographer is aware of the situation and your plans so you will be photographed well.
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    That's how I've seen it done when there is no center aisle. 
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    Be sure your photographer (and videographer if you have one) attend your rehearsal if they've never done a wedding with that setup.
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    I was married in a double aisle church. The brides/bridesmaid always enter on the left aisle and the bridal party exits on the right aisle.  The bride's family and friends sit on either side of the left aisle. The grooms family/friends sit on either side of the right aisle.  this does put them together in the center section but the pews are so long, there is plenty of room for the  bride's mom/dad and groom's mom/dad in the front pew together ,etc.

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    That's how the church I'll be getting married in is set up as well and I'll be doing the same thing (in on the left and out on the right). It's also convenient that the door to the rooms where I'll be getting ready are at the back of the left aisle :-)
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    Our rain location has this set-up. The wedding coordinator suggested guys walk up one side and girls walk up the other. My Dad would walk me down the girls' side. Afterwards, we'd all pair up (BMs and GMs too) and walk in pairs down one aisle.

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    Someone once described this to me as you are walking down the left aisle single, and leaving down the right aisle married. Two different roads.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Double Aisle?!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Someone once described this to me as you are walking down the left aisle single, and leaving down the right aisle married. Two different roads.
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    Personally, the single isle weddings I have been to seem, awkward.....but I guess I'm just so used to churches with double isles that my mind has that as the norm.
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    Thanks, everyone! 
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