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Does anyone know of a guestlist program I can use to keep track of all our guests - OTHERTHAN the one provided by this site? I'd like to make one big list and then have a program that helps me narrow the list down if need be. The one on this site just shows everyone as invited.

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Re: Guest List Program

  • I used excel.

    For the initial, headcount list, I divided it into sections, and color-coded each family by local/out-of-town (trying to get an idea of how many would actually come*). I put the number of people in each household in different columns for bride's side/groom's side. In retrospect, I should have reversed the indications. Different COLORS for bride/groom's guests, different COLUMNS for local/oot.

    For addressing, I have a huge worksheet in excel with outside envelope first line, second line; inside envelope first line, second line; e-mail address; phone number; invitation sent; rsvp received; gift received; thank-you sent; and I'm leaving out columns in my description.
  • That's what I started to do.. I think it's the best way, even compared to all the other programs. Thank you for the input!
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  • There's a pretty good wedding planner template on Google Docs that I use. It also has sections for budget and different vendors, but I only use the guest list part.
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    I am using the google doc's version of excel.  It has been really helpful in gathering addresses from my mom, FI, and FI's mom - they all have access to it.
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