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Invite Details - Need Help!

Okay!  I figured out mail merge and will be printing addresses directly on to our invitation envelopes...but, I have a few questions:

1.  Does the font need to match a font on the invite.  I found a font at that kinda looks like handwriting that we like and is pretty easy to read.

2.  I have A6 envelopes, what size should my font be?  Currently I have the names in 18-pt and address in 16-point.

3.  Should the addresses be in one of my wedding colors or just black?  Our envelopes are gravel from paper source.  If we did a color it'd be a purple.

Thanks ladies!  I'm hoping to get these done this upcoming week!

Re: Invite Details - Need Help!

  • I would go with a "pretty" font if you're using the printer.  Not just a generic, readable, handwriting font.  It's not going to fool people into thinking it was hand addressed, and they may question your judgement/integrity.

    I would print out an address on regular paper, cut it down to A6 size, and look at it.  the whole thing should be no more than 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall, most likely.

    I'd stick with black.  Purple might be difficult to read.
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  • I'm printing ours using a dark gray color.  For some reason it looks nicer than just black.  I'm sure it's just because black is "normal" and this just looks different than that.  It is still easy to read.
  • Thanks for your input!
    I'm not worried about people questioning my integrity ;) and I'm not trying to pass the font off like I wrote it myself!  The font I found on dafont is a "calligraphy" font but not formal, as our invites are not formal!
     I used scriptina and century gothic in our invites and scriptina is almost too loopy and hard to read to have the entire address in that font (plus it takes up A LOT of space) and century gothic is too plain.
    I had toyed with the idea of doing the names in scriptina and then the address in century gothic but was advised to do the entire name/address in ONE font!

    Decisions, Decisions!

  • @ConoviaSarah- What color are your invites?
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