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Where to find nice invitations?

Any websites that have nice invitations? Already looked at and and loved a few but just want to look at more before I decide. Also looked at and am not at all pleased with the quality. Any website that sells higher end invited but not overly expensive (up to $10 per invitation set?) thanks!

Re: Where to find nice invitations?

  • I found a great website with water-colored invites that I think we're going to go with for our Cape Cod beach wedding.

    It's called Griffin-Vites.  She's located on Coastal Maine so perfect for a New England event but can also design other unique options for you too.
  • I used for my STDs and liked them.  I will probably use them for my invites as well.  Their price is good, and I liked them because I could choose any design that they had and change it to my color scheme.  Also, you can usually get a discount code if you search online.
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  • Rexcraft is an old company with lots of high quality products at all different price points.

    You could also try a local wedding planning boutique in your area for recommendations.  

    Or, depending on your budget, send the invites project to a calligrapher and have them all hand-written.  It is a beautiful touch.  Out of my budget, but beautiful still.

    Good luck! 
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  • you can go to they have some higher end invitations.
  • I'm using You can get free samples, up to three at a time, and most of them are very nice quality.
  • If you are willing to spend $10 per invite, I would go look at them in person. Are you able to do that? It is nice to be able to touch and see the paper quality up close before ordering. Our invites were $13 each, and there is no way I would be able to pick them out over the internet. 
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