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Using theknot's RSVP on our site.

We don't want to do RSVP cards, and simply want to send the invitations out with a little card that directs guests to our site for information, including maps, directions, etc. We will also direct them to RSVP online.

Have any of you used the feature on your site (made with for RSVP? We have looked around and found some other sites that are for RSVPs and are free...does this one cost anything? Is it user-friendly? Does it organize everything for me?

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Re: Using theknot's RSVP on our site.

  • TK has all kinds of crazy IT issues.  Brides complain on here all the time about how it's not user friendly, isn't working correctly, guests had issues RSVPing, or things didn't update properly.  Just don't use it.

    Seriously, please consider doing traditional mailed RSVP cards.  If price is a concern, you can do them as postcards and save the money on envelopes and postage.  If being green is a concern, you can find them on recycled paper.  Plus, they're just *nicer* and classier than RSVPing on a website (ick), and even if your wedding isn't a formal affair, it's still a wedding and you still deserve nice and classy.
  • If you're not going to use response cards, please just say, "Respond by X date".

    Be prepared that you'll still have to hunt down people to respond but TK's website is so notoriously unreliable that you'd probably have to do double the work.
  • A wedding I was invited to directed us to RSVP through their TK website.  The RSVP part didn't recognize my name when I tried it and I can't remember how I ended up getting it through on TK.  I closed the browser window, 100% certain that I had RSVP'd....until she called asking.  If you want to skip formal RSVP cards, I would look at the other site.  Also, I would be prepared to make phone calls for those who aren't computer savvy.

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