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I am designing my own invites, and have run into a dilemma on the RSVP card. I have three entree choices on the RSVP. Should I still put "Number attending" on the rsvp card? I feel like those that accept will put their meal choices and I'll know how many are attending that way. But I don't want to miss anyone due to any confusion.



  • No, just have a line or space before the food choice for them to write how many. That is how many will be attending (unless they don't make it for some reason). If you put # attending, it will probably confuse them more and then you are going to have people contacting you and annoying the crap out of you or whoever is handling the rsvp's as they come back.
  • Haha thanks! I don't want to be annoyed more than necessary. You confirmed my original thoughts.
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