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Collecting guest addresses

Hi everybody! I'm looking for information on the best way to collect guest wedding addresses for STDs and invites. Has anyone used wufoo, google forms, or conxt before? What do you think about them? How did you manage all your addresses?

Re: Collecting guest addresses

  • I asked a main person from each side of the family (ex: my mom, FI's grandmother) to get all the family ones I didn't have.  I didn't need to find too many since I already had an address book :)

    I used Excel to manage mine, which will come in handy because I can use the same spreadsheet for my RSVPs.
  • I called people to ask for addresses I did not have.  I created an Excel spreadsheet to manage the process.

  • People are not going to log in to a website to give you their address.  

    Make phone calls, send emails, send texts, or ask in person.  
  • We used a site called it was made just for getting mailing addresses from wedding guests. Worked amazingly and made an excel for us. It's really cute, I would highly recommend. And it's free.
  • i live off excel spreadsheets for work so it was very natural for me to also use one for planning my wedding. as we got the responses in, it was so easy to tally up the amount of attendees, outsanding rsvps, hotel room bookings etc. excel adds it all up for you! - I blog about crafting, home decorating, baking, party planning and other creative things. See posts about my 9.22.12 wedding DIYs!
  • I agree with PPs...Im using Excel to manage the addresses, number of guests, and RSVPs.

    Definitely try to get most of your addresses in person, either through phone or face to seems more personal and gets the guests excited about getting their invites/STDs in the mail.

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