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I've been looking into invitations and came across this website,   Has anyone used them or is using them that can give a review on shipping time, quality, etc?
Also, if they are recommended, does anyone have a coupon that they aren't using that they can pass along? 

Thanks in advance :o)
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  • Hi there!
    We used for our save the date magnets. Their products are great quality but can be kind of expensive. Everyone loved our save the dates :) If you're curious about what they offer, they do have a sample pack they can send you. There's usually a promo code included should you decide to buy. I saved 20% on our order!
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  • We're using them for save the date magnets also.  They are a little more expensive tahn other sites but the quality is great.  I liked that we could choose a design and then customize colors, fonts, and picture placement.  Once we were happy with the finished product we were able to order just one to see how it looked in person, which was really helpful.  And like the PP, they are always offering discounts. 
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  • I used magnet street for my wedding invitations and they where absolutely amazing!!! I believe I purchased 150 invites and paid a little more then 300 yes it's expensive but they are worth it, I looked everywhere and they where ugly and so not worth it so if I could pay 50 more dollars to get amazing invites I sure would!! You pick the colors and u preview them before u purchase and I do not have a coupon but I believe that when your on the website u can save on shipping which is nice, and I think production time is 10 days after they preview them or something like that lol hope that helps. I say go for it they are worth it!!! ;
  • We loved our STD from them. There shipping time was pretty true. I think they said 7 days after production, and i beleve it was exatly 7 days. The quality is by far the best i've seen and they even sent to us in this really nice box that came in handy for keeping extras and other wedding stuff. I did alot of reearch and they seemed far and away th best! There invitations were out of our price range or they would have come from there too!
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