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Question concerning addressing the envelopes

I ordered my Save the Dates (they're magnets) and these pretty pearl colored envelopes.  I also got return address labels to put on the back.  I was wondering if I could hand address the Save the Dates or would it look better if I use clear labels?  I was thinking that handwritting them would be a nice personal touch, but what does everyone think? 

Re: Question concerning addressing the envelopes

  • Handwrite them! It's much more personal. The only reason not to would be if you have terrible handwriting or like, 300 to address.
  • Handwriting is always the better option. 
  • I love hand written but I personally have TERRIBLE handwriting...  I don't love the look of a stuck on label so we're hoping to put the save the date envelopes directly in our printer and print right on the envelopes...  Hopefully I don't regret this!  I may try to enlist my mom to do the actual invitations since her handwriting is great but I didn't want to burden her with the save the dates too...
  • I handwrote all STDs (100) , invites (125) , and now am in the processing of escort cards (200+)'s a nice touch and looks way nicer!!
  • Thank you everyone!  I really did want to handwrite them, so I'm glad everyone is for it.  Plus I have nice handwriting and I ordered extra envelopes just in case. 

  • Late to the discussion - but I melded the best of both worlds, I printed in a very light color on my envelopes and then traced over it with a dip calligraphy pen - I think it turned out pretty well! This way all the lines were straight and the spacing was just right :) Here's a pic:

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