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What are som good sites for save the date magnets? Getting married 6/3/12 . . . when is a good time to start sending them out?Laughing
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Re: Save The Date Magnets

  • We got ours from, which we loved! Depending on how many out of town people or if you're having a destination wedding you may want to send earlier, otherwise it's normal to send about 6 months before the wedding.
  • I got mine done from VistaPrint, but I hear about good things from MagnetStreet, as well. I would send them out in January-ish, unless it's a DW. Some send them out sooner, though. It also depends on how many OOT guests you have.
    Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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  • Thanks! im going to try magnetstreet!!! would it be odd if i sent them out in july or august. its an in state wedding, not many out of towners!!
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  • 6 months prior is plenty if it's not out of town for most people
  • Yes, it would be a little odd to do it so early. Definitely do it around six moths till the wedding.
    I don't remember how big of a selection they have, but you could try They have the most beautiful and modern designs. I think the knot supports them, but just go to their website. (:
    Good luck
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  • I got mine through wedding paper divas.  with free shipping and 15% off they were right around $200 for 110 of them.  They turned out beautiful BUT they were expensive.  I wish I had paid more attention to the DIY board before i purchased them.  i could have made them myself for next to nothing.

  • I agree, is great

    But if most people are in town, I'd send 5 or 6months out
  • We got ours from Vista Print and they turned out great. We had people call after receiving them just to say how nice they were. For 75 it was just under $100, and that was with express shipping. I sent them out in February for an October wedding, but we have people coming from all of the country so I wanted to give people plenty of time to plan.
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  • thanks for the advice! im going to check out the sites, def dont want to spend a lot!! and i  think ill send them out around 7/8 months prior, justt because its a summeer sunday wed (6/3/12) =) ahhh so excited! hehehe
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  • Choco9Choco9 member
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    I know you are excited... but don't send them out ridiculously early.

    Six months is right on track.
  • magsamemagsame member

    they are cheap and have different sizes etc...I'm thinking about getting mine from there.
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